DK Wrist Wear men and women bracelets

Weathered Pearl Bracelet

The Weathered Pearl bracelet is made of weathered black agate beads, zircon inset silver spacer bead, and a natural white alabaster gemstone center bead. This high-end bracelet combines beautiful beads with specialty made silver spacer. If you are looking for a classy, unique, and sophisticated bracelet, this is definitely one to add to your collection.

  • 8 mm Weathered Black Agate Beads
  • 8 mm Natural White Alabaster Center Bead
  • 6 mm Silver Plated Spacer Bead With Inset Zircon Stones
  • Size: Custom Fit

Please note that all our bracelets, including the materials, are handcrafted and each one possesses its own unique characteristics. Therefore the color, shape and size may vary slightly.