Frequently Asked Questions

All orders are processed the same day as orders are received. Once we have processed you order, we will package it and ship it the following business day. You have the ability to select which shipping provider you prefer. Your shipping carrier choices are USPS or UPS. We have provided these two carriers as they have the lowest shipping rates available.
DK Wrist Wear

QUESTION: Does DK Wrist Wear ship internationally?

ANSWER: Currently we only ship within the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In the upcoming year, we will open our store for worldwide shipping. Keep checking our website for updated shipping news.

QUESTION: How much does shipping normally cost?

ANSWER: For shipping within the United States, the average shipping cost is around $6-$8.

QUESTION: What shipping providers does DK Wrist Wear use?

ANSWER: Currently you have a choice between USPS and UPS. We chose these two providers as they offer the best pricing for our customers. We wanted to ensure shipping costs were as low as possible, but at the same time, provide quality service.




QUESTION: Is there a correct way to put on a stretch bracelet?

ANSWER: There actually is. The correct way to put on and take off your bracelet is to group your fingers together and roll the bracelet over your wrist. Do not stretch your bracelet. Excessive stretching will cause the elastic to weaken and eventually break. 

QUESTION: Is it ok if my bracelet gets wet?

ANSWER: We do not suggest getting your bracelet wet. You should take off your bracelet when showering or swimming. Do not take your bracelet into the ocean. The salt water will weaken the elastic and may increase the chance your bracelet may break.

QUESTION: Is there anything I should I keep my bracelet away from?

ANSWER: Keep away from excessive heat. Elastic is made of rubber and may deteriorate if exposed to extreme heat for long durations of time. Keep bracelet away from children. Children may break the bracelet from consistent stretching. If the bracelet breaks, the loose beads become a serious choking hazard for children.



QUESTION: What does custom fit mean?

ANSWER: Our bracelets are sized at 18-20cm in length. This is a perfect size for 99% of our customers. Stretch bracelets can fit loose or sit tight on the wrist. Preferably, the bracelet will sit somewhere in between loose and tight. If you feel there is a size issue when you order your bracelet, please contact us directly and we will make it work.

 Have More Questions?

Please feel free to contact us directly. We welcome any questions.

- The DK Wrist Wear Team