About Us

DK Wrist Wear was founded in 2018. Our office is located in the heart of North Texas, conveniently located central to all our customers. We are known for our quality and trusted for our service. We aspire to giving our customers the most unique bracelet designs and styles possible. You can count on us to continually provide you with different looks for any outfit or style you are trying to reach.

As a small family company, we want to thank you for your continued support. We look forward to providing you with a wide selection of handmade quality bracelets.


Wholesale And Custom Bracelet Opportunities Are Available

If you have a store and would like to order larger quantities of our bracelet styles, we have wholesale pricing available. Please contact us and we will send you our pricing sheet. We also welcome custom designs.
If you are looking to create your own unique bracelet, let us help you. You can work directly with us to pick out the type of beads and color scheme you prefer. We love making bracelets and look forward to designing one specific for you. Please send us an email and we will get back to you with 1 hour during business hours.
All inquiries should be sent to info@dkbrandd.com

We Love Our Bracelets And So Will You!

DK Wrist Wear bead bracelets